923 Dundas St W, Little Italy, Toronto, ON, Canada

Start your night by dining at an upscale restaurant, followed by a round of drinks at a bar nearby, then dance until your feet are numb at one of many dance clubs. In addition to the frequently visited spots at night, Toronto hosts a plethora of special, limited-time events that could to spice up your itinerary. These include outdoor concerts, comedy shows, and various other entertainment attractions.

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Was this review …? Absolutely the best cocktails I’ve had in Toronto so far! The decor is very 1920’s and cosy. The place is small so we did have to wait but it was worth it. The bartender is amazing! We did not feel rushed at all.The drinks taste great and even look gorgeous. Was this review …? Best penicillin I’ve had outside of New York. And the rest follow. Good bar snacks. I’ll be back!

The large room with high ceilings is decorated eclectically with groupings of clocks, plates, pictures, and mirrors. The cocktail menu is divided into House, Aged, Spring (seasonal), and Temperance cocktails. Furlough is the second bar/restaurant by Frankie Solarik and Brent Vanderveen of Barchef, and uses many of the same house-made syrups and bitters.

Thus, the taste profile is similar to that of Barchef, albeit a bit lighter. It is in the Contemporary cocktails that they shine the brightest, though, to have the best experience, it helps to allow yourself to enter into their taste world as most of the cocktails might seem slightly sweet otherwise.

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  • Bait Fish Grill Restaurant
  • Adelaide Street West
  • Meets eastern european. Shareable bites and good tunes

Open barely a year at the time of this writing (August 2015), Rush Lane is already an industry favourite. It is long, narrow room painted in cool tones of grey and green, with a raised “library” area containing an aquarium across from the bar. The cocktail menu is divided into in-house creations and classics, with a small contribution from the lab in the really best bars in Toronto – dwalexander.com.

With its dramatically high ceiling, two-story front window, brick walls, Asian mural, and granite-topped bar running the length of the room, Barfish can lay claim to being the prettiest bar in Toronto. Cocktails are mostly Asian-inspired to accompany the cuisine of Blowfish next door. This is an excellent place to taste sake, including some that are made for them by a local sake-producer.

Toronto is flipping over gourmet hamburgers. Four high-end burger bars have opened downtown in the last month, broadening our already wide choice of beef, lamb, chicken, salmon and bison patties served with epicurean toppings. There hasn’t been a trend this pronounced since charcuterie. If diners are tightening their purse-strings, owners are shying away from fine-dining restaurants.

Onion rings were the side dish of choice.

Brock Shepherd, chef/owner of The Burger Bar in Kensington Market. To find the ultimate patty, I ordered a plain burger – toppings like truffle paste can be so distracting – at six of the latest gourmet burger bars. Half the kitchens broke the city’s safety rules and offered to cook ground meat medium-rare, which doesn’t kill E. coli. Onion rings were the side dish of choice. The brand new Oh Boy Burger Market at 571 Queen St. W. served the winning burger and rings. Owner Joey McGuirk (ex-Prohibition) is thinking of franchising. I predict a flippin’ success.

Toronto’s most vibrant district contains a mix of devoted residents and world travellers. The people who converge on the glowing sidewalks here are in town for business, pleasure, and excitement. The neighborhood is peppered with historic factories that have been turned into trendy condos. In addition to arenas, theatres, museums, and great shopping, you’ll experience some of the best cuisine in the city.